I finally got in and playing... I guess whatever stalled me out before was just a one-time glitch. I noticed Lae'Zel no longer says the "And you mine, though it pains me to say it." bit... I actually miss that. The expression was priceless. I also noticed the Drow boss lady got a haircut. Looks decent, so whatever. A woman's prerogative to change hairstyles as she pleases.

I did, however, come across a minor funny (though I am not complaining). I freed Shadowheart from the pod and immediately killed her (all I wanted was her gear anyway)... I looted her corpse and left it to rot on the nautiloid, just as I had intended. When I escaped and woke up on the beach her body was laying near by... dressed in bandit gear! I actually got to loot her twice! I pictured some enthralled intellect devourer coming across her naked corpse and being like, "This won't do. This won't do at all! I'd better dress her in something and give her some gear before the masters see this." Needless to say, I giggled hysterically about that one.

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