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The thing is though, the backing for "No" doesn't feel that strong to me. I recognize there is an argument to be made for it, but I genuinely think 6 is the best amount, and doesn't even cost resources, or at least more than they'd already do with all the other permutations of this game. That, and it does not stop anyone from playing with 4 or 3 or 1 person, but doesn't make mods the solution to one of the most talked about issues.

I am a big NO on this for the actual game but obviously people can mod whatever they like. Between on the temp party members and familiars/companions I think its a lot to manage.

Personally, I don't think it's a lot to manage so I have a hard time seeing it from there, but I'm a weirdo who managed every companion in BG1 so yeah.
But like I'm not asking to force it on people who hate it, I'm asking to make it an option, somewhere in gameplay settings. So people who don't want it don't have to engage with it, and those who do want it are not forced to mod. I want a game to be good before mods, and making this an option is something I feel would make the game many times better.

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I doubt it will happen. First of all, current companions aren’t all companions there are to be so 6 slots won’t cover all available companions anyway.

Having bigger party would also most likely mean 6 party coop, which is something Larian might now want to tackle.

It is still unknown with wide selection of companions will stay available fortune majority of the game, or if BG3 will follow D:OS2 formula and force you to pick 3 permanent companions after ACT1.

I still despise the DOS2 route. So I seriously seriously hope not. I get this is more personal taste, but that way of treating companions feels forced and wholly unsatisfying.
Also 6 characters doesn't necessarily mean 6 players. 2 people can control an extra character, or if three players everyone has 2 characters. But like I don't think 6 player co-op could hurt this game, and in fact would make it more accessible I feel.

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