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I find equipment managment for anyone but my main character boring and tedious), the gameplay will shift from an RPG to a tactical strategy like X-COM. There is a reason why so many modern RPGs shifted to a 3-4 person party, it is a perfect compromise for different kind of players.

Ok, I get it, you dislike having to manage more than one character. And perhaps so do some others. That's fair. Some are too lazy to even play a video game. It's just like how I myself am too lazy to even get up from the desk to go grab breakfast or lunch from the refrigerator 30 feet away to keep myself fed and alive (I don't even have to cook) and tend to end up having only one meal throughout the whole day. I get that. What I don't get is why you're trying so hard to argue against others who ask for something you dislike. Afraid that if too many people ask for it the developers will give them what they want and you will have to suffer? I get that too; I feel the same, tbh. But in the end, trying to argue against others claiming that what they want is "not good for the game" (when what you really mean is that it's not good for you) solves nothing. It's a fight no one will ever win. Especially when it's a fight that has been fought by others numerous times before.

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