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You have tank (constitution), muscle (strength) stealther (dexterity), brain (intelligence), eyes and ears (wisdom) and finaly face (charisma) of the group ... so, in order to create "optimalized" party, you are suppose to have them all ... its ofcourse possible to focus on one aspect, instead of another, aka. specialize ... but once you have to scratch 1/3 of your options it, to put it simply, becomes frustrating. smile
In DnD the classic adventuring team is Fighter, Cleric, Wizard and Rogue with other classes being variants or hybrids of those 4. Even the 5e edition DM guide p.83 states that 3-5 players is the ideal party size. Also there are no MMORPG-style tanks in DnD, frontline characters are usually both tanks and muscles and face is usually either rogue, bard (who can actually be fill most other roles in 5e) or sorceror (who can substitute wizard).
Well, yes ... but if you shall make Sorcerer face of your group, AND substitue Wizard ... you loose that person, with high Intellect, that could be usefull to related rolls ...

That is the point why i listed stats, instead of classes. wink
And note that i never said, that game is unplayable, nor unenjoyable unless you have absolutely optimal party ... i only claim, that to get "purrfect" results, you simply need more than 4 characters. wink
Otherwise, you have two choices ... and i would like to say that those choices are perfectly valid, and can totally offer good experience.
- Either start creating hybrids, that would be "kinda good" in two things, but never "specialized" in that one ...
- Or make your peace with the fact, that in some situations, you will have noone to use. laugh

Of course, there is that ugly little tiny detail, that Larian specificly promised us that we WILL be able to venturing in this story ... and most DnD parties i know is actualy 5 or 6 players. :-/ So that is another +1 ...

And finaly ...
Personaly i believe that most of us, maybe even everyone ... would be completely fine, if this option would be enabled by some kind of mod that can se used by "Download > unzip to file > play" ... instead of Downloading some hack shit and alterning your own saves. -_- laugh
And since we just were told that there IS actualy way of doing it in prologue ... it indeed isnt easy to find any valid reason for this restriction. :-/

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I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown