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It was less of an issue somehow in NWN1&2
Well in NWN1 you only manage one character, so. And NWN2 is slower with its different rule set, different implementation, and you can actually take it slow and will still be fine. BG2 is faster, even much faster, overall because of the way certain things are implemented, e.g. thieves' instant backstab/stealth, mages' contingencies/sequencers and the ability to easily overwhelm combat with crowd control spells like Horror, Confusion and other spells, high attacks-per-round, "spell interruption" mechanic that requires hitting the target during the casting animation, etc. Despite having 6 characters to manage, you often need to time and coordinate your attacks quite precisely to be effective in combat, so it can be hard. At least in the later rule sets the crowd control aspect is nerfed a lot.

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Understandable. Just like turn-based combat kills a lot of my enjoyment of this game.
That's too bad. Just think of it as another Larian game. I've been playing P:K and I tried playing it in TB once (I accidentally hit the "switch to TB" button and thought I might as well try it). And I must say, combat actually felt really smooth and a bunch of things made a bit more sense in TB (like the timing of various actions), and I actually enjoyed that encounter more than I thought I would. Granted, it was a simple encounter and there wasn't much going on (against a bunch of centipedes each having 6 hp). So.... yeah, if I get to choose I'd still choose RTWP but TB is not that bad. I'm still secretly hoping that at some point down the line Larian will implement an option to switch between RTWP and TB like P:K did.

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