I am genuinely getting tired of the response to every core problem people bring up being "A mod will fix it." Mods are no replacement for a good core game. If people have a problem with something, it at least warrants testing, not dismissing with "Mods will fix it." If we applied that to every hot button issue, this game would just ship out on the proper release day incomplete and a garbage fire.

Instead of dismissing things with mods, at least allow us to test how things feel with different amounts. The game is in development, the balance can easily be adjusted. Hell, systems could be made to make a smooth balance no matter what.

Sorry, its just that statement I have seen crop up one too many times and it has irked me every single time. It is not an attack against you, just mods are not the solution and I am tired of it being treated as this catchall for every problem someone brings up, whether I agree with their issue or not.