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Yeah, I played D:OS2 and they did indeed lock you in. I only played with one companion, didn't like the rest of them much anyway so I didn't really care. I wouldn't be thrilled about it here but I could deal with it to be honest.

You do raise some good points though and I think many will be upset if they did that in this game, and if Minsc is an option he'd pretty much be a character I'd never be able to leave behind either haha! I guess if Larian really wants to, it is possible they could die in such a way they can't be brought back with resurrection, or maybe even be converted to the enemy as rivals. Rivals could be kind of interesting at least though?

If I had to pick a compromise, it would be "the party member with the lowest approval of you becomes a mind flayer, leaves, or dies"

Something like that, I think we could all deal with losing one companion... but not being locked into just three.

And there is a problem with the Minsc task, and given Shadowhearts weird box, and Lae'zels complete integration into the story... it just... they might have a bit of a tax to.

I honestly think it might take far more effort for Larian to write a plausible story with all the possibl permutations of three companions, than it would be for them to just keep all the companions.

for gods sake, they have to account for the fact that Gale has a nuke in his chest that can take out a small continent... if he dies, then a continent dies with him.

The Gale Tax is unavoidable.

Every "good" party would probably have to be Shadowheart, Minsc, and Gale in order for there to be anything resembling a happy ending.

Well, possibly, but we don't know their full stories yet do we? I do think the way Gale is written currently is a bit of an issue. I'd like the option to not feel forced to deal with him to be good and get a "good" ending, or risk a massive explosion the size of a big city. Shadowheart is not really needed as far as I know, just her artifact. We can get it for ourselves from her corpse if she dies. I fought her for it in the goblin camp when she approached me with it.

As for the rest I'm not so sure they are that important to the main story yet. I hope not as I really think as possible companions they should be written in a way that they at least can die permanently, or leave, without major plot holes at least. In my opinion massive plot armors for all is not the way to go.

Anyway, just speculating. Ideally, I'd prefer to keep them all if I want or let them die if I want. Having just 3 options after Act 1 would be really lame, unless they added non-origin companions after Act 1. Would be cool but doubtful.

Still, their stories are works in progress I guess, so they can do whatever they want with them to fit the narrative they want I suppose. So for now we can only wait and see.

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