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I'm sure you can do it with good writers, the question is why do it? Is it important to the story you wish to tell or is it just something some higher up in the company decided and the writers have to follow in line?

It's a question of the chicken and the egg. If you do it because this is how you envisioned your story it could work and work well. But if you do it only because of some arbitrary bullshit decision and you build your story around it, the chances of the story working are getting very low.

In my case, the motivation is replayability in a way that the same game produces extremely different story arcs. I'd also have some story arcs available to some backgrounds that wouldn't be available to others.

Basically: I want to tell the story of this particular party.

Vs: I want to tell this particular story with this party.

Both valid and fun options, neither superior. Just different.

In this game.... it doesn't feel like it really adds to the story. I've heard rumors they're aiming at a shocker of some of your potential companions getting turned into mind flayers... but I suspect the shock will be outweighed by the frustration.

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