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Bloodlines, whole Mass Effect series, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout series, both KotORs, Vampyr, whole Dragon Age series (even tho diminishing of your previous choices in Inquisition pissed me off), ...
That would be my list ... what i played ... what i concider to be really huge sucesfull games ... and what i cherish for their replayability.
And exactly how did those games emphasize replayability? By largely having it all revolve around the main character's choices. Instead of indirect means such as having party members permanently taken away from you, not because you had an actual choice in the matter or you had disagreements with any of the party members, but only because you couldn't fit them in your party for a certain part of the game due to an arbitrary headcount limit.

There's a reason DOS2's replayability is generally attributed to the combat system and the way builds work in that game. Larian learned the wrong lesson if they think the game's success has anything to do with limiting your party members early on into the game, judging from how most hardcore cRPG enthusiasts only regard DOS2's story as an excuse plot.

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