The Festering Cove
- Some Torches Flames are just sitting in the Air without Torches beneath them. Not interactable ones.

The Mastercraft Weapon (Sussur)
- AS long as you seem to have more Daggers then needed to craft ONE Dagger and Crafting menu for adding a Sussur-weapon (Dagger) is open, "combine" produces so many SussurDagers as you want.
I made myself a second one, that way.

- Found a Dead Mycoid which had a HASTE Sporsac on Dead body, declared as 1 point of CAMP SUPPLY. Its showing in the CampMenu when you go Longrest.
- Made Gluts Quest killing the Duergar. Took Gekh Coal as raised Myconid slave by Gluts Spell.
After all Dueargars where dead i denied Gluts request to kill the other circle and had to kill him. Strangley Gekh Coal didnt attack at once, he was on upper Floor LAdder up. When Glut was dead and fight over i climbed to Gekhs Position.
He attacked me and i shoved him INTO THE EBONLAKE. I heard him cry out a loooong scream when he fell. Prbably scripted Scream when you shove him from mossstone chair. Anyway his NPC pic still is showing at Astarions NPC Picture (he talked with Glut to get his Quest) and Gekh Coals Picture shows that hes 32/52 Hitpoints. So somehow Gekh Myconid Slave is now somwhere under the Lake UNDEAD and haunting Astarion now with his presence of his Picture.

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