A lot of story based games suffer from replay-ability issues because why play the story again? Especially if you got the “best ending”, like Witcher 3 or Disco Elysium? I mean I did play them again because they were good games but Mass Effect2 I didn’t, because it couldn’t get any better/hadn’t missed anything (important).

Each person will differ in which games they replay, but unless the story differs enough, you’ve kinda seen it. There’s no competitive aspect so it will always come down to how much do you want to read that book again vs pick up a new one.

I do think removing characters and their quests/stories is one way of doing this. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but if the matter of Gale or Wyll is never solved in my one play through, maybe I go for another one if origin character’s storylines prove interesting enough.

It doesn’t please everyone because there are always those who want the whole experience in one go, or the fear that creating a game with multiple strands dilutes the main experience.

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