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I didn't like it in DOS2, even though I really enjoyed the game. Spend about 5-10 hours with all the companions just to have some of them die was stupid. I hope they don't pull that BS here. All companions should be able to travel with us, unless they don't like the player character.
Again, it doesn’t have to be black and white death/out of the game.

Maybe they just go their way and you bump into them again later, their stories having taken a particular turn that you didn’t witness or influence. Maybe they rejoin you later and betray you or help you in ways they might not have been able to do had they just stayed.

Killing all those off you don’t take, or taking them all with you without issue are two opposite sides of the spectrum, and until we know better shouldn’t be the only two options taken at face value.

Yes DOS2 did it one way, yea it’s fine to say “aaaargh, not again”, but to say the only option is to have X characters twiddle their thumbs round a camp fire waiting for the mighty Tav to solve all their issues is in my opinion equally dumb.

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