As said earlier in the thread... all of the origin characters are inherently selfish individuals to some degree. This said, once the tadpole issue is "resolved" there is ZERO reason to continue on with them. I don't feel emotional attachment to any of these origin characters after putting in over 300 hours playing this EA. I don't like there personalities, or the quirks, and would just as soon let them all die. The only reason to stay with them is the common thread of the tadpole, and after that, I would be spending my time solo, or picking up a new set of companions. So locking unwanted companions in at the end of ACT one is illogical at best from my perspective. And that action of forcing the player into a narrow combination of companionship would make this game very linear and likely make it less enjoyable to play. I also realize the Developers cannot produce an unlimited number of "add on" characters either. But some other options would be welcome, and a complete change of the guard (companions) at Act 2 might also be welcome to some. I just want more options. Don't throw me in a trench with no way out (figuratively).