The whole point of these Inspirations is the fact that save scuming is the normal in these games and adding a small story tags to doing various actions to allow for rerolling ability checks (that you absolutely want to go a specific way or else you will just reload) is their solution to save scuming while adding a bit of character flair, at least this is how I see it.

But, what remains to be seen is if completing those Inspirations will end up having lasting consequences in various plots. If your an Urchin and end up stealing some type of coin and later a child's mother dies due to not having said coin to sell for medicine, this makes the choices of one's background a bit more interesting.

Sure, right now, on the surface, we are basically using the Inspirations to gain bonus XP/rerolls to make sure you don't fail various ability checks you don't want to fail, but I imagine there will be a little bit more to these in affecting various minor plots.

About having issues between a good Noble vs an evil Noble, I guess the way Larian sees it is that if one is a Noble, it doesn't matter if someone collected the coin by stealing, buying, or whatever other means. A Noble wants the coin. If you decided to lie, cheat, or steal, your effectively playing an evil Noble in this case. If you were able to get the coin by honest means, then your a good Noble. But the end effect is the same, a Noble getting a coin. I imagine this is how Larian sees it. But, I think adding more backgrounds, like the Knight example, would be appreciated.

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