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I'm still missing the more down to earth companions like Eder, Ajantis, Branwen, Kivan, Keldorn, Jaheira, Valygar, Jan or many others from BG1 and 2.

Good writing is much more important than creative or fantastical characters. If you have too many "special" characters it just becomes a weird menagerie where they compete who's the most creative and undermine the story.
Larian does take the stance that the origin characters are all main characters in their own right. That being said I would appreciate some down-to-earth party members as well.
You can't have 4 main characters together at the same time. It's like a textbook example of a paradox. Maybe that's the mistake here then.

That said, the cast could work IF we got at least two down to earth ordinary hero or anti-hero characters for companions. With great stories and personalities of course, just nothing as extravagant and incredible as we've already seen. Something more relatable.

Gale's story didn't have to be so far out either. His condition could have been caused by anything magic related and it didn't have to involve gods and planes.

I agree that Gale's story didn't have to play out the way they had it play out. But I would argue that Wyll's story is fairly down to earth. He's a guy who, as a young man, sold his soul in a moment of pain and anger so that he could have the power to prevent tragedies like the one he had just experienced. Now, after using that power to become the hero he wanted to be, he's chaffing at the things his deal requires of him and is looking for a way out. Unless I've missed something, that's not even an oversimplification of his story, it's just his story. And I think that's actually extremely relatable. He made a bad choice for complex reasons both good and bad, and now as he's seeing the full consequences ofhis actions, he's regreting them and trying to find a way out.

Also, maybe I'm missing something here as well, but Lae'zel seems to be a pretty standard example of her people. I'd never heard of the Githyanki before this game and I've never followed the Forgoten Realms lore so please correct me if I'm wrong of course.

That having been said, I still agree that locking the party firmly at only four characters would not be the right choice for the game.