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Can someone (politely) explain to me why this is actually a bad thing?
Most post here can be sumarized as "bcs i said so". :-/

Yet not one person has been able to provide any reason as to why its a good idea, beyond "play the game again" and "I wouldnt mind it either way"

I detailed MANY reasons in this thread already, saying "can someone politely explain to me why this is actually a bad thing" is willfully ignoring every point against it that has been brought up, and using Tone Policing as an excuse (dismissing anything you don't want to hear as impolite) to ignore peoples valid and well thought out points.

Similarly I would have difficulty under this criteria explaining why you shouldnt do just about anything, because any amount of response that amounts to "dont" can be inferred as hostile simply because of the nature of telling someone they shouldnt do something.

Roll Locking is bad for like, a bajillion reasons, and the only reasons people give for it being good are "trust in the grand plan" and "replayability" and "I dont mind it either way"