Hello !

I'll share some feedback and suggestion regarding camping and resting. I played the EA at the start a bit then only Patch 5 (30hours) after that, so I could see the leaps of improvements.

First part about the camp itself
-I may not have met the character, but a trader at the camp would be nice. I have plenty of wares I just don't sell because it is a hassle to get your wares from the stash and then go to a trader. The camp would be a perfect time for that. They don't need to be there each time, which would make trading with them an opportunity more than guaranteed service.

About food. This is a great addition from patch 5. There many things that could improve on the principle
-Perks for the following day. Depending on the food you choose, you get related perks such as (extra spell slot, extra HP, extra what have you). It could depend also on the characters. Limited Status ailments could also be fun (hangover until next short rest if you just had wine for instance).
-It has been said multiple times, but food stored in cache should be available in the camp selection.
-Kitchen ware (plates, forks, pots, etc.) could be collected and used for the camp to increase food perks.
-Seeing characters eat food together would create a sense of bonding between them I believe. Reacting to what is eaten would be very fun (Astarion in front of juicy meat or just vegetables)... At least seing the cooked food would be very fun.