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Yet not one person has been able to provide any reason as to why its a good idea
That seems understandable to me. O_o
Since we have no idea what will happen, we cannot know it that what will happen (aka that what we dont know) will be good. laugh

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I detailed MANY reasons in this thread already
I would say its more like you detailed many reasons for why you would not like it ... but that is pure subjective. smile
Or to be even more exact ... you provided us few your own constructed scenarios, and then told us why you would not like those scenarios you constructed. smile

Now, we can hope that Larian read it, and take it under concideration ...
But we all know very well, that if they "simply decide that after this quest everyone but MC will be dead" ... then, no matter how many of us would not like it, and no matter how much we would not like it ... that is what will happen. laugh

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Short coment on my English. smile

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!