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Yet not one person has been able to provide any reason as to why its a good idea
That seems understandable to me. O_o
Since we have no idea what will happen, we cannot know it that what will happen (aka that what we dont know) will be good. laugh

I could list a half-dozen reasons why it's BAD to stick a fork into a live electrical socket, and zero reasons why it's good to stick a fork into a live electrical socket. But nobody rational would say that "maybe it's a good idea if you try it because we don't know."

You do realize what the point of Early Access is, yes? It's to make changes now, instead of waiting for the full release. Especially because major balance and story changes are very rare for Larian to do after the full release.

You consistently seem to dismiss most suggestions or requests to change something. Why? How do YOU know that the change will NOT be good? How can you say that the change will be bad for the game? This is why details about problems and possible solutions are better feedback than vague "maybe it'll be good" or "I like it now just because".

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I would say its more like you detailed many reasons for why you would not like it ... but that is pure subjective. smile
Or to be even more exact ... you provided us few your own constructed scenarios, and then told us why you would not like those scenarios you constructed. smile

Since by that metric, anything anyone wants is subjective, then the same applies to you. Is your position "No one should make any suggestions to the game whatsoever"? A lot of the time, it seems like you're largely here to argue against every idea that someone else has, just for the sake of shutting down everyone else's ideas.

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Now, we can hope that Larian read it, and take it under concideration ...
But we all know very well, that if they "simply decide that after this quest everyone but MC will be dead" ... then, no matter how many of us would not like it, and no matter how much we would not like it ... that is what will happen. laugh

Sure. The DM can absolutely declare "Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies" at some point in the campaign for absolutely no reason at all, or just for their own amusement's sake. But if they do, will the players come back to another game run by that DM? Probably not - and in this context, that means not buying future Larian games.

Just because the DM can do something, doesn't mean that doing something is a good idea.