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I would say its more like you detailed many reasons for why you would not like it ... but that is pure subjective. smile
Or to be even more exact ... you provided us few your own constructed scenarios, and then told us why you would not like those scenarios you constructed. smile

Since by that metric, anything anyone wants is subjective, then the same applies to you. Is your position "No one should make any suggestions to the game whatsoever"? A lot of the time, it seems like you're largely here to argue against every idea that someone else has, just for the sake of shutting down everyone else's ideas.
This is where you're going to get a reply along the lines of "I have endorsed plenty of people's ideas o_0, so your statement is just false :)", and other things that essentially boil down to "my opinion is correct and my ideas are superior and if anyone says differently they're definitely wrong" while ignoring the most important points.

EDIT: I was too late so the whole point of my post is kinda moot now. Oh well

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