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Can anyone tell me, where did Larian's bad idea of giving advantage/disadvantage based on the height of the characters came from?
To further emphasize on one of their brand features, further promoting it. It started with the DOS games, when no other game of the genre (maybe Wasteland? I'm not sure) involves verticality as a combat factor. "Hey this is something we came up with that is super cool and you should really use it. It's ok if you don't want to use it but you'll probably get wrecked by enemies who use it, so yeah you'd better use it".

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and what would be the appropriate session?
It's ok to start new old discussions, at least when you yourself have never started one. Mods will merge them if they see fit but It helps reminding everyone of the presence of an issue. There are times when "going in circles" is what it takes for changes to happen.

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