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We agree that giving advantage/disadvantage is strong. But I don't see why arguing about +2, although I prefer that to an advantage.

The reasons I gave are enough for high ground to have its advantage, but think about it, a +2 doesn't make sense, but a -2 or even a -5 makes sense, I'll explain.
I'm throwing a plus two out there because some fans are attached to high ground strats. Completely taking away their crutch might lead to backlash. Even if combat would be more fluid and fun overall.

Personally I would like high ground Advantage to be removed completely, but Larian does want to make a game with mass appeal.
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A -2/-5 would make sense, as it's kind of a cover, like in the D&D rules. Why would someone shoot from high ground and not use their speed to get out of the enemy's line of sight and go into full cover? means he wants to watch what happens in low ground, so he's at an angle where only his torso or head appears, to watch. That would be a half cover or three-quarters cover. This rule could be measured by the distance the shooter is from the edge, or else by the height of the shooter in relation to the opponent. I prefer it to be the distance from the edge, because that wastes speed and makes more sense, it's more realistic, but in that case, a coverage indicator would be needed, which makes it a little more complicated.

Here I'll leave the D&D cover rules for you to see:

(Keep in mind I still have mixed feelings about low ground Disadvantage, I would like to see High Ground changes first).

I'm familiar with the rules for cover, but Baldur's Gate 3 already has collision detection. Which is something tabletop doesn't have. The player or enemy can move backwards and get out of range, or hide. The attacker is forced to use their movement to target their enemy.

When talking about low ground Disadvantage we do need to consider all the terrain benefits that a 3D game can provide. Cover in tabletop has always been a composite for that. So should characters in the game get double the benefit of terrain? That is the question when considering low ground Disadvantage. (Side note: I am implying that the current game state almost triples the value terrain can provide.)

Lastly, a -2 to -5 is the same as saying Disadvantage is fine in these situations. That's the expected value of Disadvantage depending on AC.
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