I think Larian does need to include a cover mechanic. Cover should be pretty normal within the game. Maybe only have three-quarters cover for very special areas (they would act like zones that you stand in and if the target is on the other side of the zone, you get Three-Quarters Cover). This would allow Larian to setup special encounters with this in mind.

Cover confers a +2 AC and +2 to Dexterity Checks.

Three-Quarters Cover confers a +5 AC and +5 to Dexterity Checks.

High Ground confers a +1 To-Hit bonus.

Low Ground confers Cover to High Ground target.

Simple, gives a bonus to people on high ground without invalidating all kinds of skills that give Advantage, and implements Cover as a rule to use. This still makes it where everyone will want to get the High Ground, but it isn't completely over powering every encounter and back breaking to the players involved when the AI gets to the High Ground first, along with allowing skills and abilities to shine by allowing Advantage in those special situations.

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It's almost like in real life. What's wrong with damage from a height? In life, this also gives an advantage. It sounds kind of weird.

Why do people always come up with "it's realistic that height gives you advantage"?

This discussion happened so many times, and I absolutely despise this argument.

Can we please stick to say advantage in the usual sense and call the DnD 5e rule mechanic 'Advantage' something like DnD Advantage? It's less confusing.

And again i want to point out:
Imagine you and I stand 10m apart and aim at euch other with a bow. With both are equally skilled. So we both have the same chance to hit, let's say 75%.

Now I get on a table, and I am 1m elevated above the ground. Nothing else has changed.
Now suddenly I have a hit chance of 93.8% (DnD Advantage --> high ground) and you have a hit chance of 56.4% (DnD Disadvantage --> low ground).

Is that realistic? Because that's exactly what's in the game right now.

And, what adds, is that the one on high ground ALSO has the advantage (not DnD Advantage) of being on high ground and melee fighters will not reach you so easily.

It's just ower-powered, unrealistic and - most importantly - unavoidable, because we have a lot of verticality in the game (which is a good thing).

So it's just a very bad homebrew and it - imho - should go.

Also, this. I think a lot of people who love RPGs but maybe is not familiar to DnD 5E ruleset is confusing "real world advantage" to "DnD Advantage". Yes, high ground should confer some type of real world advantage, but Advantage is a very special mechanic within DnD 5E that is only allowed in very unique situations and circumstances, like a Spell or Ability. Giving Advantage out by simply being above someone means an entire host of abilities are useless if there is verticality in the environment, which I really honestly think Larian did not intend to do for High Ground. I believe this was a change made early in development because "it made sense within a real world setting and we want to make verticality important" but was not quite aware of what Advantage actually does in DnD 5E.

This is why everyone suggests a more mundane bonus of like +To-Hit / +AC/Dexterity when High vs Low as it does confer a real advantage but doesn't provide the mechanic Advantage, that is very specific and different.

I feel very hopeful, with the removal of "Backstab for everyone" and "food > Clerics/magic" rules, that Larian can also now see this and hopefully make this change. While there is some work up front, I think it would ultimately make the game easier to develop and balance in the future.

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