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The full experience from an enemy (or exploration) is given to all party members, not divided between party members. At least, this is how earlier patches and DOS1&2 worked...it's possible that this was changed in a patch but I haven't heard anyone mention it being changed.
Wow, that is really not how it's supposed to be. In Baldurs gate we split the bill. smile
And that's what made it work so well! Solo-runs were difficult, but feasible because your character got more exp. Hopefully Larian decides to make experience work this way. Then all the people who hate most/all of the companions can feel free to kill them off without making the game ~impossible to complete.

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Giving the option for 6 party members would be way too much work in my opinion.
You would need to add additional scaling difficulty, refine every fight in the game, so that it can be played fine with both 3, 4, 5, and 6 party members..

Also having 6 party members would neglect the need to chose your party members, you could just have everything in the party.
And all this would only introduce a lot of complications...
NemethR, please. I literally just had a whole discussion with @williams85 about how encounters don't need to be remade to account for different party sizes. Just divide exp between participating party members, which is a single equation to code, and the game mostly balances itself. This also gives more exp to 1-3-person parties, which is already an option in the game.

Also, there are likely going to be 2-5 more companions added. So you would still have to choose your party members.

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