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You meet 5-7 potential followers, from whom 3 stay with you later in the game. The others either dies, or wander off based on your choices you make through act 1.

Please no wiping companions like that, it would be wholly unsatisfying and I will spare you my rant on it. Just my opinion is with the limitations presented that would be bad, even as the acts expand the party size. I don't mind acts expanding party size but honestly, I'd prefer a party of 6 being able to be done at the start and the game to be fun whether you go four or six.

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Giving the option for 6 party members would be way too much work in my opinion.
it's almost like we are doomed to go in circles forever in this discussion. Groundhog Day style.

It is our curse. We are in a loop until Larian decides to weigh in and even then the circle may remain unbroken.