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Heck, I'd love if all encounters scaled based on level.
Strong 'no' on this. A big part of playing an RPG is knowing what you can do, when you can do it, and avoiding encounters that may be too much for you to handle and coming back to them later. Furthermore, it is nice to occasionally be able to beat an encounter that you are not supposed to be able to beat at your level. Similarly, it is also nice to sometimes be able to wipe the floor with your enemies because you are now over-leveled for that encounter.

I'd guess it would be an optional thing like POE2.

However, I have been running play sessions where we beat all encounters - without any exploits - with just two people in Multiplayer and no companions.

Its not easy, no mistakes tolerated kind of thing.

I don't think Soloing is possible without exploiting stealth heavily.

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Another (recurring) argument we had in the past is also... For god's sake, this is a DAMN EARLY ACCESS.
Would there be any better time, at any point in development, to just *TRHOW* the option out there to your user base and check what people actually prefer to do, which percentage of players will pick one over the other, instead of going to base the entire development on shaky, questionable assumptions of what's simpler, more streamlined, more balanced and what "many would prefer to do" even among a casual audience?

Fun fact: some time ago we had a thread about Felicia Day playing the game for the first time few weeks ago. Trust me when I say that she's basically an incarnated Avatar of Casualness in terms of playstyle, and i shit you not when I tell you that two of the very first complains she had while moving the first steps in the game were about the horrendous chain/unchain control scheme (yes, I feel partially vindicated about it) and about how disappointing it was to learn that her party was already full when she tried to group Lae'zel.

I recall Asmongold also said something similar in his playthrough.

Odd that they made adjustments to the chaining system but didn't say anything.