A lot of people expressed their thoughts on how removing backstab would make combat better. And boy did it turn out to be true.

Advantage is so potent that it became a chore the player would go through each turn, finishing by making sure their characters weren't facing the wrong way. We don't have to go through that crap anymore. And it's lovely how much more fluid combat is.

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A thought about Backstab.

I think it was something we should keep, as it is really a thing in real life too, and other games.
However, it would be nice, if you could only backstab a character if you were already behind that character (maximally 2 meters away) before the start of your turn.

I am not sure how difficult it would be to implement this, but I think this way you could still gain advantage by backstabbing someone, yet you would really need to plan for it, so it would be actually something rare in the game.
Each round is 6 seconds, is it realistic that an opponent would just stand there for six seconds and let an opponent walk behind them? 5e has surprise rounds to mimic the element of surprise.

And sure, conceptually backstab sounds interesting but it played terribly. Literally slowed down combat as the player chased advantage and ensured the AI wouldn't get advantage.