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why not 5? one player and four companions?

Where is the numebr 6 coming from? also D&D is balanced for 5 people usually.
It's coming from the "Baldur's Gate" part of this game.
Tbf, there hasn't really been anything "baldur's gate" coming from this game.

Define what constitutes Baldur's Gate please. Be specific.

Baldur's Gate Elements so far.
- The Main story takes place in and around Baldur's Gate
- The Plot revolves around the Dead Three , Bane, Bhall, Mykrul
- Its in the Forgotten realms
- People involved in the original crisis are involved in this story (Elminster, Minsc, Volo, Jaheira)
Let's keep this short and agree that we are not going to agree with each other. I can tell already that we feel differently about things, and I'm totally fine with that.

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