My criteria is simple: if - after blocking an elf's ears with my fingers - I can't tell them apart from a human, they fail the "Elf Test". Barring some of the drow/dark elf options, most of the elves ("half-" hybrids included) in Baldur's Gate III fail the Elf Test. While I don't have a lot personally invested in this game, it is still disappointing to see Larian take the path of least resistance when it comes a staple race of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. I am curious...did they make this decision because contemporary people in general are more sensitive to the "uncanny valley"?

By the way, I'm not letting certain D&D artists off the hook; there are official art pieces displaying "humans with pointy ears". However, there are also pieces of art that clearly live up to the core/canon written descriptions of how elves should look.