I think this comes from other games and Tolkien lore. BG1 and BG2.... Elves defintely do not look like humans in BG1 and BG2. They have more Elven like faces and not only pointy ears.

Belle Delphine you can google her is my favorite dresser of human as Elf woman. She has dressed to all kind of things including Cat and also Elves.

That being said no I am not some ultra fan of her have not bought her bathwater. She attracts me to her looks, music (I am back tune despite I know she does not sing most of it), artistic talent. She is on top of that a GAMER girl that plays games. She is considered NUMBER 1 E-GIRL.

Elves live almost an eternity and age ultra slowly.
Belle Delphine started her career underage as teen, but nowadays is young adult.
Reminds me of Britnery Spears when she made her first song that made popular she was 17.

There is no CELEBRITY person that I am ultra fan of so I would must meet live so I am not super much into fandom and no I have not bought any of Belle Delphine products though I have seen her youtube videos and seen some very nice pictures of her as an Elf.
I would not mess with Belle Delphine fandom crowd. Here is a true story. She has millions of fans. Youtube banned her.... that got her fans enraged and youtube very quickly unbanned Belle Delphine saying a mistake has been made though some of her old videos remained deleted from youtube. I can imagine the feedback was not nice to youtube when they banned Belle Delphine.

Now Elves in BG3 are kind of ok, but could be better with that I mean more Elven.

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