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This forum is awesome, it is way more active than any forum I have been on before. Anyway, what do you guys think about the Tonfa being introduced as a Monk weapon? Personally, I think that they are great.

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The problem is pugilist is another title that's a bit to narrow in it's implications. It's basically the same problem as monk, just moved to a different place on the venn diagram.

We need a name that is broader.

The more I think, the more "Mystic" doesn't seem so terrible. Not really a caster, but someone that does weird supernatural stuff, and even base monk has a lot of that.

"Mystic" isn't a bad choice, but doesn't really reference the martial arts aspect. Perhaps "Mystic Fist" would be better.

The martial aspect isn't really the main story focus of the monk in a lot of cases... they're seeking perfection and find martial ability along the way, so I don't really think that there needs to be an implicit reference to it. It's not like Fighter where martial arts is the core of their concept.

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