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How about instead we agree you are full of it and don't have an argument?
If "being entitled to one's opinion" = "being full of it" and "not wanting to get into a keyboard fight that's most likely going to be meaningless" = "not having an argument", then yes, we can agree - let's make a digital handshake on it. I mean, you can assume whatever you want about someone - it's easy. Whatever you assume about me is probably about as valid as what I assume about you. "Not using feelings" yet you seem to care a lot about what I said. So are we done? Or would you like to try again?

Sure, its not like you need the last word, right?

Just for future reference: An assertion is pre-text for a debate when not conditioned by "I think" or "In my opinion".

I love when someone can make a solid, well-thought out logical argument for an assertion. Disappointed but not surprised.