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How about instead we agree you are full of it and don't have an argument?
If "being entitled to one's opinion" = "being full of it" and "not wanting to get into a keyboard fight that's most likely going to be meaningless" = "not having an argument", then yes, we can agree - let's make a digital handshake on it. I mean, you can assume whatever you want about someone - it's easy. Whatever you assume about me is probably about as valid as what I assume about you. "Not using feelings" yet you seem to care a lot about what I said. So are we done? Or would you like to try again?

Sure, its not like you need the last word, right?

Just for future reference: An assertion is pre-text for a debate when not conditioned by "I think" or "In my opinion".

I love when someone can make a solid, well-thought out logical argument for an assertion. Disappointed but not surprised.
You remind me of myself back when this game was just announced, way before you joined these forums. Jumping at every statement that "rubbed me the wrong way", itching for a "logical", "well thought out", "non-biased" discussion, all geared up for another 4, 5 pages worth of logical argument, confident with my sharp, logical thinking I could handle whatever the other person would throw at me. Went through a fair share of those "arguments", had fun, but alas, you always get burnt out. Judging by your initial argument listing "baldur's gate elements so far", I'm afraid you're not quite there yet, to get me to play with you.

"We make our choices and take what comes and the rest is void."