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It'll take manhours for rebalancing and other things. So there is a very real cost to it. And we know game devs get paid crap like everyone else, but they still get paid.
Weren't you also a part of when we just had this exact same argument for the 300th time barely a couple days ago in the official mega-thread?

I'll go with the quick rundown of the keypoints:

- difficulty adjustments would be welcomed but not required, so using the work necessary there as excuse sounds specious. Many of us already stated that if that was the price to pay we'd be perfectly fine getting the support for an extended party at expenses of the overall challenge. It would be our problem. Not someone else's.
- A lot of "rebalancing" could be for the most part automated with various expedient already broadly used. Exp distribution, dynamic addition of extra enemies if needed, maybe even a very narrow range of dynamic scaling for some key NPCs.
- It should be Larian's concern how much they are willing to spend on what. The concern trolling about the "poor devs and all the work they'd need to do" comes off as a bit disingenuous...
- ...Especially given that they have already a long tradition of including MULTIPLE difficulty settings in their games to begin with. So it's not clear why the "story mode" or "Uber masochist" option would be totally fine to work with, but the simple request from some users to allow for an OPTIONAL six-men mode and *eventually* adjust a couple of things around it would be some crime against human dignity and the devs' working conditions.
Yeah me thinks the anti-bigger party posters are deliberately ignoring these points and continuing to throw out the debunked claim of additional work for rebalancing because they know they don't have any rational arguments to present against those of us wanting a bigger party.

I am in favor of a bigger party... but it's not a costless change. There's no such thing.