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"Forgotten Realms" "Dead Three" "City" "People involved"... Lol.

This limited (and wrong) list really show a lack of knowledge about the old games.

Then please enlighten me. I keep asking for this because I honestly would like to know what I may be missing. But it seems like you two are all sizzle but no steak.

I am really trying to give you guys the benefit of the doubt that you have a solid answer but so far a lot of Ad Hominin and equivocation. Truthfully I suspect this is a lot of dumb sentimentality that is pointlessly subjective like "the Nashkel mines guy".

"If..it..doesn't..have...the...Nashkel...mines (sob)...then it's not...Baldur's gate!" (Faints Dramatically)

That still makes me laugh. Heh. What a contractor-grade tool.