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You know I WANTED so badly to give you guys the benefit of the doubt but I now know its exactly like I said, this is dumb sentimentality at work. I understand now why you kept prevaricating and didn't want to answer.

I've mentioned before why sentimentality is dangerous. I would say it's more insidious, because people don't ever want to analyze it, nor are they educated on why its harmful. It's one of those things that sits on the periphery of understanding so our eyes glaze over it but I assure you its behind a lot of really - really - ugly behavior.
You said you "honestly want to know", but you don't give the impression that you're genuinely interested in someone's opinion, willing to acknowledge that their opinion is also valid. The impression you're giving is that you're challenging others' opinions with full intention of shooting them down with your "logical" argument, while acting condescending to them, even as if there's something wrong with them (judging by your constant claiming that sentimentality is "dumb" and will ruin our lives). Yeah, most of us don't want to deal with that kind of attitude, especially when we don't get paid for doing it.

Your replies to me - demanding me to defend a simple statement and explain myself to you, then claiming that I'm "full of it" and "having no argument" when I simply said I didn't wish to argue - they proved to me exactly that this is the kind of negativity I'd rather not waste my time dealing with, when it's much easier for me to just not deal with it. A proper, serious debate is something I value and wouldn't just give it to anyone who approaches me with arrogance and a bad attitude. In other words, you haven't shown me that you're worth that kind of effort. We should all strive for positivity and constructiveness while ignoring and putting aside negativity, right? Life is too short and all that.

In the end, you get what you give. If that's the way you ask people to talk to you, to explain themselves to you, then that's what you get.

TL;DR: go to any twitch channel and you know what they almost always say in their rules? Be nice.

"We make our choices and take what comes and the rest is void."