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I've mentioned before why sentimentality is dangerous. I would say it's more insidious, because people don't ever want to analyze it, nor are they educated on why its harmful. It's one of those things that sits on the periphery of understanding so our eyes glaze over it but I assure you its behind a lot of really - really - ugly behavior.
It is not easy to define "What makes Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate". I am sure it is possible, but I don't think fans of the series should be required to write a doctoral paper analysing titles they like, in order to be allowed to not like what the "sequel" is doing. Because here is the insidious thing:

Baldur's Gate3 is called Baldur's Gate3 because someone wants to benefit of the good will and "prestige" of the IP. Turning around and dismissing fans of the IP because the sequel doesn't live up to expectation set up by BG1&2 IS a crappy thing to do..

You are 100% entitled to your feelings, sensitivities and so forth. You are actually not required to defend them unless you make a statement, on a public forum, that you present as some sort of fact. At that point people are allowed to challenge you, respectfully.

Everything you wrote below this though proves my point 100%. This is just a way you feel. Its not objective. Its not based on reason or thought. It has its roots in the meat of the animal mind and the associated biases and feelings that make up your operating system and your formative experiences. Its more a reaction formation than a considered opinion.

Also questioning and asking you to defend a point of view is the opposite of dismissal. Its direct engagement. You may not like it, you may not like being challenged, you may not like feeling like you are backed into a corner you can't reasonably defend, and you may be one of those people that can't back down in such a situation. That's fine, then don't make statements on public forums. Write it in your blog, diary or a word document on your computer. Imagine showing up to a public debate and saying that when you get pressed on a statement you made...publicly. I wouldn't be able to stop laughing at that.

And worst of all, its the utter uselessness of such statements and attitudes. A forum designed to parse community feedback - of which - "what makes a Baldur's gate game a Baldur's gate game?" is a legitimate question. You not being able to articulate it just--ugh. I can't even.