First, you should just serach and you will see, we alreay alk A LOT about "what make a Baldur's gate game a Baldur's gate game?"

But, I will answer you lazyness.

As a casual BG fan let me tell you some fact because it's what you are interesting in.

What is no-BG-like :

1) no RTWP

2) tons of empty and useless containers

3) tons of useless stuff to drop

4) tons of crafting

5) "romance" poor written and only sexually oriented (and it's not a feeling, everyone litteraly try to bang me at the party just cause I was nice... it's creepy, not romantic, have nothing to do with love and show the POVERTY of the writing)

6) goblins talking.

7) the pushing mechanic (never have to die cause I got push in BG)

8) the verticality of the fights

9) system of approval over anything from companion (besides, it is so baaaaaaaaadly done)

10) teleportation system

11) big openworld with few connections instead of a lot of little maps interconnected

12) no area with nothing amazing. Like every little space of BG3 is a place for epic events.

12) companions having all amazing background...

13) ...but still level 1 and unable to kill a fucking cockroach (look I'm a mega wizard in love with the god of magic but meh...).

14) the roll-dice in dialogues.

15) zoom on people when you talk to them (even if it's just the village's dumbass).

I'm pretty sure I could keep finding some "facts" which differ from BG but I think it's enough to make a point.

Your "list" was poor, incomplete and oriented.

By the way, I was really enthousiastic and open-minded when I heard about BG3.
I liked Divinity and was ready to accept this system if they succeed at keeping the BG feelings.

Guess what? They didn't. And guess what ? It's their job to give the RIGHT feeling.

Here, Larian take the Lore of BG and put it on their Divinity system without a single fuck. Unfortunately, BG-game wasn't only about a Lore.

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