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So just to be clear on your inane statement - Any game that has a Party size of 6, a "ton" of companions, and the freedom to create your team - make something a Baldur's Gate game then?

So Wasteland 3 is a Baldur's Gate game by your 'not-arbitrary at all distinction?'

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I just went with the guidelines you provided.

So let me help you re-write that: "I feel a Baldur's Gate game incorporate a 6 party system with the ability to bring in 5 other companions from an expanded list of up to 20+ that you can meet in the world"

So fun. Looks like the guidelines were clear enough 1 message earlier but they aren't anymore...

The Black Pits are not games.
Dark Alliance are not games of the main Baldur's Gate series.

Despite your beautifull english sentences you obviously don't know much about BG1/2 but you're arguing about "the definition of a Baldur's Gate game"... Interresting.

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