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So are you sure this is a list of things that don't make it a Baldur's Gate game and not just a list of things you don't like about the game? It may just be that your list is badly written but there are things in here that would make the original Baldur's gate games not Baldur's gates games.

And honestly some of these are just bizarre...like "Goblins Talking". Not only does that make the original games not BG games since they have Goblins that Talk, but it objectively doesn't make sense unless you can further qualify it and say specifically why it makes it not a Baldur's Gate game or even why its an issue at all since Goblins speak common.

I feel like we are scraping the bottom of the argument barrel at this point, probably the bottom of a lot of barrels really. I'm done. I invite you to scream into the void.

You're funny, Blackheifer.
You talk about one point over 15 and that's it ?
Nice way to... how did you say ?... "bringing intelligent, thoughtful arguments into this discussion"

So, yeah, I did a mistake. It happens.
I have no problem with that.
Now, you was crying for someone who would tell you what makes a BG game a BG game.
Here I give you a non-exhaustive list and what did you do ?
You see one mistake and just talk about it. Not a single word for all the other points.

It's pretty classical from people who are just looking to have the last word and prove their point no matter what.

So, yeah, I forgot, for a minute, there was talkative goblins in BG (guess there wasn't so much of a full village of friendly goblin, etc, but it's my bad anyway)

Now, we still have 14 others points to talk about. Sry, 15, you can add this one "15) a camp to sleep safe, almost available H24" (not sure about this one, I asked for a refund, months ago)

So, again, you seems to like talking to people with self-sufficiency but I just did a list of few things which differs from the original BG games.

Arguing about what make a BG game a BG game have alreayd been discussed on another thread (as I already told you), here I jsut give you a counter list to your poor one.
I was hoping you would think about it.
As I already said (but it seems like you are not a really good listener - or reader - so I repeat) a game is not just about the Lore and quoting the similar Lore to justify your point of view is not a valuable argument.

So, let the bottom of the barrel alone, take your fingers away from your keyboard and take some times to think about the way you talk to people, the way you approach a conversation and the way you treat neutral informations given.

PS: yeah, I may have badly written, not a native english indeed. You win the "best written comment", happy you.

By the way and for the others, I wasn't giving my point of view of what is a BG game.
I was just answering Blackheifer who define BG game like this :

" Baldur's Gate Elements so far.
- The Main story takes place in and around Baldur's Gate
- The Plot revolves around the Dead Three , Bane, Bhall, Mykrul
- Its in the Forgotten realms
- People involved in the original crisis are involved in this story (Elminster, Minsc, Volo, Jaheira) "

So I won't argue again about what is a BG game, but obviously it can't be restrain at his Lore angle.

For now, the best successor to BG game, from my point of view, is Pathfinder : kingmaker then PoE Deadfire.

More, about the writing, the banters are not bad in themself, but the romance are (at least was months ago) really crappy and, more, the options in the conversations and the storytelling wasn't this diversified and interesting (the inevitable death of the little girl by the crazy druid if you miss a roll-dice is a really good example).


Ok, I thougth it would be funny to go a little further with my little list...

1) no RTWP, turn-based fights ------------------------------------------> Not BG, DIVINITY
2) tons of empty and useless containers --------------> Not BG, DIVINITY
3) tons of useless stuff to drop --------------> Not BG, DIVINITY
4) tons of crafting --------------> Not BG, DIVINITY
5) "romance" poor written and only sexually oriented (and it's not a feeling, everyone litteraly try to bang me at the party just cause I was nice... it's creepy, not romantic, have nothing to do with love and show the POVERTY of the writing)
6) the pushing mechanic (never have to die cause I got push in BG) --------------> Not BG
7) the verticality of the fights --------------> Not BG
8) system of approval over anything from companion (besides, it is so baaaaaaaaadly done) --------------> Not BG
9) teleportation system --------------> Not BG, DIVINITY
10) big openworld with few connections instead of a lot of little maps interconnected --------------> Not BG, DIVINITY
11) no area with nothing amazing. Like every little space of BG3 is a place for epic events. --------------> Not BG, DIVINITY
12) companions having all amazing background... --------------> Not BG
13) ...but still level 1 and unable to kill a fucking cockroach (look I'm a mega wizard in love with the god of magic but meh...).
14) the roll-dice in dialogues. --------------> Not BG
15) zoom on people when you talk to them (even if it's just the village's dumbass). --------------> Not BG

I add yours and some more from me
16) The Main story takes place in and around Baldur's Gate, The Plot revolves around the Dead Three , Bane, Bhall, Mykrul, Its in the Forgotten realms, People involved in the original crisis are involved in this story (Elminster, Minsc, Volo, Jaheira) -------> BG
17) the kind of humour ----------> Not BG, DIVINITY
18) the surface in the fights ----------> Not BG, DIVINITY
19) the colors, pretty flashy, of the graphics ----------> Not BG, DIVINITY
20) the camp to sleep ----------> Not BG
So we have....
Not BG : 17
BG : 1 (4 if you want separate your 4 informations about the Story and Lore)
The problem seems pretty clear to me...
And we could add more and more points... (like the possibility to move the chests, the scrolls usable by everybody,...)