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I asked if they are Baldur's Gate games. The title on them is Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance1 and 2.
They are Baldur's Gate spin-offs. Just as Gears Tactics is a spinoff of main Gears of War series, and doesn't try to sell itself as Gears6.

It's just bad branding. Means nothing to people not invested in BG1&2, and created wrong expectations for those who want Baldur's Gate3 proper.

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the next episode after BG1 and BG2 does not look inspired AT ALL by the legendary previous episode of the series.
Because it is not smile. Like Bioware they are adapting DnD to digital form, but it is Larian's take on DnD, not continuation of what Bioware did. They seem to not only not take many inspirations, but actively disagree with a lot of things that Bioware did. As much as I hate to say it, it might be one of those cases where just "Baldur's Gate" might be the more desirable the title. You know what, that's how I will call it: Larian's Baldur's Gate Reboot. or Baldur's Gate: Hell&Squids

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