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They're not a part of the Baldur's Gate main series video games at all. And they don't take place arround the city. Just like BG2 (for your information).

1) They both take place around and in Baldur's Gate. Where are you getting your information?

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 1- The game begins with Vahn, Adrianna and Kromlech arriving in Baldur's Gate, whereupon they are attacked by a group of thieves led by Karne (Michael Bell). The city watch save the trio and take them to the Elfsong Tavern to recover. There, the bartender, Alyth Elendara (Jennifer Hale), tasks them to clear the tavern's cellar of rats. In the cellar, they discover the thieves are using the tavern's sewer entrance to infiltrate the city

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2 - Upon entering Baldur's Gate, Randalla hires them to investigate a series of murders in the city. At Bloodmire Manor, they learn that Luvia Bloodmire has been combining the body parts of various creatures in an attempt to make a new species

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An authority to "define" something that exist ? That's fun. Maybe it's just a concept in your head but it's 2 existing video games wink

2) On authority - Yeah, I think the people who own it, are invested in it, determine the rulesets, the licensing, work with it daily and are passionate about it can be considered an authority. Just like a Doctor would be considered an authority on the human body.

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In this thread you just want "to win" a discussion, as usual wink

3) Generally this only comes from people who have lost an argument and don't know how to gracefully concede. I have refuted everything you have said. If I thought I was wrong or you had made a solid argument I would have conceded the point. I have done so before, and on this forum. Stop projecting your insecurities onto me.