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3) Generally this only comes from people who have lost an argument and don't know how to gracefully concede. I have refuted everything you have said. .

Refuted everything like my only statement related to this thread that was "a party of 6 and tons of companions define Baldur's Gate 1/2" ?

Usually people that also wants to win a discussion when they have nothing interresting to say also try to derail it, bringing non sense arguments to win somewhere else... you know, like "authority", "sentimentality", "not native EN so the guidelines",...

Anyway you can refute what you want. But you're still wrong in this thread. :thumbsup: /end

Party size of 6 =
+ More variety in party composition
+ More replayability
+ More action/bonus action/reaction per round
+ More managament (equipment, level up)
+ More quests, more stories (companion side quests)
+ More personnalities in your party, a journey more "colorfull".

But it also mean :

+ More companions needed.
Not sure Larian will ever make other companions than their wierd and over complicated Origin characters (mercenaries >< companions)

+ Slower combats because of Larian's combat design philosophy (>< other 6 party based TB games).

Before patch 5 (that I'll try in a few days), the game's difficulty was perfectly fine with a party of 5 but it was a bit boring with a party of 6.

They could really reconsider how the XP is distributed so players can choose the number they like. That would be very Baldur's Gate 1/2 like and very DnD like.

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