About the topic, 6 definitely cooler. It's just much more fun.
4 is so restrictive.
the more the better.

I can't wait to play Pathfinder kingmaker : wrath of the righteous.

I answered TheHero

quoting myself :
" By the way and for the others, I wasn't giving my point of view of what is a BG game.
I was just answering Blackheifer who define BG game like this :

" Baldur's Gate Elements so far.
- The Main story takes place in and around Baldur's Gate
- The Plot revolves around the Dead Three , Bane, Bhall, Mykrul
- Its in the Forgotten realms
- People involved in the original crisis are involved in this story (Elminster, Minsc, Volo, Jaheira) "

So I won't argue again about what is a BG game, but obviously it can't be restrain at his Lore angle. "

So I din't ignore TheHero as you did with me.
I give to you the "facts" you was loudly asking for, I didn't give my opinion at first.
And so you didn't answer.
You just take one mistake over 14 right differences and used it to be rude (even mean).
More, you purposely ignore 90% of my comments.

TheHero made a point I wasn't trying to have.
I was following the same narrow-minded path you begin with your "facts listing of (quotation) Baldur's Gate Elements so far" by giving a "facts listing of No-BG elements so far".

By the way, it's funny to see how you was the first one to ask for "facts" and then how now you are refering as TheHero and his "feeling" approach as a reference. ^^
Try to be clear, cause you're not.

Besides, I guess it was simple to just take the one mistake I did and say "I feel like we are scraping the bottom of the argument barrel at this point, probably the bottom of a lot of barrels really." which was clearly offensive and rude (even if the moderator are too nice to say it directly).

You talk a lot about having proper argument, etc. But, you did what many did, changing subjects, taking one mistake to criticize an entire comment and talk about the bad written english. smirk
Not really glorious or interesting.

Still waiting for apologies, it's never to late.

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