I love RtwP.

You see a mess where I see a fight.
You want to give order, you used the pause.
It was, in a way, more realistic and more intense.
And it never was less strategic, you just had to be careful and aware of your ennemies.

I play and appreciate both RtwP and Turn-based.
Turnbased is like chess, slow and all about the reflexion.

RtwP is more like an actual match, there is still reflexion but in a more epic way.

Actually, I love pathfinder which is RtwP. They put a turnbased mod cause they are nice and listening developers but I never used and will used it.

As the two of this systems are interesting, cause BG was RtwP cause it should have stayed RtwP. ^^

(And I think they choose RtwP cause it gave this realistic feeling, turned-base cant give you).

(And, by the way, when I played BG3 (months ago, I asked a refund since) I found the fights long, boring and not DAT strategic ^^" (though I liked DD 1 and 2))

PS: yeah there was attack of opportunity in BG, disengaging was risky ! ^^ (at least I believe from my memories... é.ê)