This one is a little harder to finagle and is a bit gear dependent. The problem with most Wizard builds is the enemy seems to make a beeline for them so this is designed to make them a lot tougher and to maybe deter enemies from going after you and providing a neat little damage boost.

Start with a Shield Dwarf as your selected race.

Then Choose Wizard.

Starting stats:
Str: 12
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 11 (18 with the Headband of Intellect)
Wis: 10
Chr: 15 (Will be 16 with the Ersatz Eye)

Skill choice doesn't really matter.

The other people in your group or your other companions will have to carry you a bit until you get to the blighted village. Your most reliable attack will be a light crossbow.

Gear Needed:
Warped Headband of Intellect - Blighted Village 3 ogres.
Scale Mail +1 (Remember Dwarf gives you Medium armor proficiency)
Volo's Ersatz Eye - Use to raise your Charisma by +1 (can be stolen from Volo in the Grove)
Light Crossbow for Ranged attacks
Necklace of missiles (adds damage to Magic Missile)
Amulet of Elemental Torment is also good.

Cantrips choose - Ray of Frost, Shocking Grasp and Blade Ward
You get the Flame Bolt scroll on the Nautaloid so you should never choose that.

At Level 2 Select Evocation as your Subclass.

At Level 4 select Magic Initiate: Warlock.

Select Hex as your 1st Level spell, then Eldritch Blast and whatever else.

So Hex is the big spell you want here because it adds 1d6 to all damage you do when there is an attack roll. So Scorching Ray will jump to 3d6 damage per Ray x 3 = 9d6 or up to 9-54 damagee per cast.

All your Attack roll cantrips will gain an additional 1d6 damage versus that target. Note: Magic Missile does NOT work with this - as there is no attack roll.

As usual Hex is cast as a Bonus action and can be re-applied.

Now OBVIOUSLY this build will be WAY stronger once we get Sorcerer in here because the synergies will be better.

And of course you are rolling with 17 AC with the Scale Mail +1 - I would also grab the Sword of Justice and throw Tyr's Protection on you for 19 AC - free of charge. Then swap it with the any other weapon.

On top of this you have Poison resistance and Advantage on poison saving throws from Shield Dwarf racial.

Last tip, if you do get charged at your go-to should always be Shocking Grasp because 1)it is a melee range spell so no disadvantage on attacks and 2) it can take away your opponents reaction so you don't have to use disengage to run away.

Still a bit of a work in progress as I am looking for more gear-related synergies, but if you are sick of having your mage get steamrolled its a nice solution.

Final word: This is an EA, limited to level 4 and single class Frankenstein build. Its not intended for the larger game with 10+ levels and Multiclass where there are better ways to do this sort of thing. This is not a build for beginners either. Too many little details.

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