I have been playing patch 5 and feeling like my characters were underpowered. However, it was weird, because when I went into the Underdark I was able to handily beat the two minotaurs there just after I hit level 4. I completed the main storyline, so I have just been going around doing some of the side quests, and completed the hag as well. My next mission was to check out the gith patrol. I went up there, and when the fight started, one of the gith took down 3 of my characters in the very first round. I noticed the gith are all level 5 and they all have 65+ hitpoints. That's when I looked at my own characters hitpoints critically for the first time. Lae'zel is at MAX level with only 36 hps?! Are we rolling hps now on each level or something? What gives? Is this a bug?

For a second, I thought "maybe I'm crazy and I'm just imagining that level 4 toons have more hps" but then I went to look at some of my characters on DNDBeyond and all my level 4 fighter-type characters have well over 40hps, some even have 60 (a level 4 var human barb with 17 const).

I get that maybe we're not supposed to complete this particular piece at the moment, but something seems wrong with the way hps are being calculated, unless they are actually rolling hps. I didn't see that anywhere though, so if anyone has a link to the announcement, please send it my way. Thanks!

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