First, thank you for reading the link, I appreciate that you took the time to read it before continuing the discussion smile !

The number of attack per turn depended on the character. For instance, lv 13 fighter had 2 Attack per round (APR). the speed factor of the weapon determine when the character gets to attack in his own round. For instance, a dagger was very fast and would attack at the start of the round, a greatsword was slow and would attack at the end of the character round.

If I'm not mistaken, you could actually get a double attack on dualwield. For instance, Drizz't could double hit you, and if you had a highlevel ranger with for instance Cromfaer and Celestial fury, sometime you would hit with one weapon and sometime with the other.

You could determine who got to attack first with positioning and micromanagement.

I'm not sure it behaved like you're saying tbh. I think character all had their own round timer, and as such , what you describe couldn't happen. I only have a reddit post to support this right now, might look for more later .
https://www.reddit.com/r/baldursgate/comments /l1mp4v/does_the_party_begin_and_end_rounds_simultaneously/ (link is a bit buggy, you can glue the two part together if you want to see the thread).

Basically everyone tell that character had their own timer, and you could start an action whenever you wanted in the game, you didn't have to wait 6 second.

in my opinion, its more like : A character start a round when you give him an order. You can interrupt the ''round'' to move or do actions that don't requires round. (for examples, you can stop spellcasting during a round to move, but you won't be able to initiate another spell right away, you'll have to wait a few sec).

you have a definite number of action each round like drinking potions, attacking. performing one put your action '' on cooldown'', but if you decide to start idle, you can start you next round whenever you want, you won't miss ''the first step'' of your next round.

But if the game was indeed working as you described, that would be an issue .

Actually, threat zone existed in BG2 . Archer got a defense and thacos malus when threatened by a closed fighter. Backstab depended already on positionning.

Disengage and jump are two mechanics that are the counterpart of attack of opportunities. You didn't need disengage and jump in BG2 because there was no attack of opportunities. Now that these are in the game, jump and disengage are vital because you can't play the game without it. As I said, I don't enjoy it, they tend to codify gameplay when it was more free before, in my opinion.

I'm totally for the addition of dashing and potion throwing, those are great potential addition to the game that can add a lot of RP.

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