This is shocking. I actually went back to test it out, just to be absolutely sure, and I am indeed completely wrong about the syncronicity of rounds. I must have gotten mud for brains at some point. Good grief.

But regarding the number of attacks per round, if you are dual wielding then you would get up to 4 main hand attack rolls and one off hand attack roll. Or 8 and 2, with Imp Haste / GWW. I distinctly recall having spent time on checking this out as meticulously as an impatient teenager checks anything out, way back in the day when damage optimization discussions were all the rage. You know, Chrommy off hand and FoA main versus Belm off, FoA main, and a strength girdle. Made a huge (as in, YUGE!!) difference how many hits one could get with each, back then. Yeah, I was one of those people, I'm afraid. smile

Anyway, back to topic. Baldur's Gate 2, with AoO, jump, dash, shove, verticality, and thrown stuff, all in real time, all refreshing every six seconds? It would be necessary to define some default attack options, though. Having to manually do all that cantrip casting every round would get tedious otherwise. But it might just be plausible. Completely nuts and chaotic, almost goes without saying, but probably more fun than the current state of affairs in BG3.

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