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+ More companions needed.
Not sure Larian will ever make other companions than their wierd and over complicated Origin characters (mercenaries >< companions)
Im sory, if you allready answered this in the past ... but i just must ask: Why? O_o
I mean, as long as we are able to create full party, another companion would be welcomed addition to be sure, but i would never call it "needed". O_o

Because the freedom you have to create your party depends the number of open slots AND the number of companions.

Here's something I wrote somewhere in this thread... The values are good.

"1 custom + 3 companions out of 10 possibilities => 120 combination
1 custom + 5 companions out of 10 possibilities => 252 combination"

Now this may be wrong because I don't remember the math but to give you an exemple : if the 10 possibilities become 9 possibilities, the 1+3 party may lead to more possibilities than the 1+5 (and if it's not 9, it may be 8 or 7).

Anyway both values are important and we just don't know how many companions are planned so it's hard to be accurate.

Of course this is pure math and doesn't care of companions alignement, companions that cannot be in the same team, companions that come in your party with their friend or husband (minsc and dynaheir, khalid and jaheira) and so on.

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+ Slower combats because of Larian's combat design philosophy (>< other 6 party based TB games).
As long as it means more time for me to actualy do something, instead just watching npcs doing their busines ... i would be fine with any prolonging. laugh

This would definitely give us more things to do during combats. Playing more, watching less...

And there are other video games that have a party size of 6 and turn based combats that are definitely not slower and easier than BG3's combats.

Wasteland 2 is the best exemple I have in mind.

If you're interrested you should really try the mod that allow you to increase the party size. I had a playthrough with 5, another with 6 and plenty with 4.

6 break the fun, the game is not balanced at all for 6...but 5 is really really fun. Of course the game is a bit easier but what we have in this EA can be hard and is probably not the "hard" mode.

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